Robotic Boxing

Fighting was never this much fun

Step up to the ring!

... and let the ROBOTS take all the abuse!

Step up to the ring, strap yourself in and throw the punches of your own four-foot tall boxing robot! Each bout consists of three 30-second action packed rounds held on a regulation ring under the direction of a certified referee.

Points are scored by knocking up the head of your opponent's robot, and if the head stays up for a 3-count by the referee you win by a knockout!

Participants make up a fight name (Joltin Joel, Darling Debbie, etc.), and are joined at ringside by their manager (spouse, buddy, etc.) for rubdowns, coaching strategy and between round antics.

The Master of Ceremonies hypes up the fights and frequently goes "into the corner" for pre and post fight interviews with the participants and their managers, allowing them to play up to their fight names and characters, while the audience cheers the fighters on to victory.

Robotic Boxing is exciting and safe for everyone, and it's a great way to relieve tension because you can take out your frustrations and let the robots take all the abuse.

Trophies are awarded to the best overall boxers!

Robotic Boxing

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