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Remote Controlled Stock Car Racing

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Now you can experience the thrills, chills and excitement of REAL stock car racing with Micro Reality stock car racing!

Microreality Racing

Imagine racing your favorite Micro Reality Stock Car on a banked oval speedway at speeds of over 200 mph! You're in complete control as you head into the high speed banked curve, your left hand gripping the fill size steering wheel, your right hand on the shifter, your heart pounding as you go into turn 3 with the throttle wide open - when all of a sudden it happens - the car behind you taps you from behind as he tries to nose to the inside - sending your car spinning up the track, out of control and into the wall as another car t-bones you when you slide in front of him.

No worries! You may be a lap down, bit you're not out. Just shift into reverse and you're back in the action.

Microreality Stock Cars

Now you can experience the thrills, chills and excitement of REAL stock car racing with the stock car racing speedway! Ultimate Micro Reality Racing It's the kind of realism - the spectacular crashes, the high speed spin-outs, the bumping and rubbing of real stock car racing, and the exciting crash after crash, non-stop action that has made Micro Reality Stock Car Racing the ultimate interactive, audience participation experience!

Race up to 6 giant, SLOT LESS, stock cars on 1 of 4 different track layouts. Our standard packages starts with 4 cars on a 24' Long x 16' Wide banked oval speedway.

Tremendous traffic builder and maximum crowd pleaser - perfect for any kind of event, function or social gathering where you want maximum response and positive results... and of course the cars and track can be SPONSOR BRANDED or CUSTOMIZED TO SUIT ANY EVENT and to suit any client's needs. Let our professional staff and pit crew show you how to put your next event in the winners circle with Micro Reality stock car racing - CALL (732) 259-2385 TODAY or request more information to find out how to reserve your time slot.

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