Complete Arched
Truss System

(2) 32" LCD TV's

Green Carpet
and Backdrop

Uniformed Staff

Officially licensed to use the original Flipbook System

Iris Green Screen Interactive Entertainment for your parties and events

IRIS Interactive Reality Immersion System
Interactive Reality Immersion System


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to
... swim with dolphins?

... parachute from an airplane?
... or imagined being the goalie in an exciting soccer or hockey game?

Using "green screen" technology, iRIS allows you to experience an array of exciting virtual environments, putting you right into the adventure, all without having to wear, touch or hold anything!

Imagine a world where you are in control of the images and sounds that surround you.  Use your whole body as an input device.  See your image onscreen as you interact with computer graphics and animation.